Logo Design Skills Test

Logo Design Skills Test


Which of the following tools is used to remove unwanted edges of an image?

a. Repel
b. Extrude
c. Pan
d. Crop

What is the function of the 3-point curve tool in CorelDraw?

a. It creates a series of lines that converge at one point.
b. It adds 3 nodes to a curved line for extra control.
c. It creates arc shapes quickly without the need to manipulate nodes.
d. It makes continuous, curved lines.

Which tool is used to edit nodes in CorelDraw?

a. Node
b. Shape
c. Move
d. Bend

This question is based upon the figure shown below

How does the option enclosed in the red box in the image above behave when drawing with the selected brush in Illustrator?

a. It scales the brush strokes equally according to the width and the height.
b. It scales the brush in a non-proportional manner and stretches the brush in which the stroke is being made.
c. It scales only the area that falls between the guides set by the user and keeps the remaining part unchanged.
d. None of the above.

In Illustrator, ____________________ lets you combine multiple objects and specify how you want each object to interact with the other objects.

a. Compound shapes
b. Compound paths
c. Pathfinder effects
d. None of the above

Which option in “Shape Builder Tool Options” allows you to split the parent path into two in Illustrator?

a. Gap Detection
b. Consider Open Filled Paths as Closed
c. Stroke Splits the Path (In the Merge mode)
d. Highlight Stroke When Editable

Which color strategy uses colors that are beside each other on the color wheel?

a. Triadic
b. Complementary
c. Analogous
d. Monochromatic

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