How Much Car Insurance Do You Need?

How much insurance do you need for yourself?

You probably do not need to spend a lot of money on your personal injury policy. If you have health insurance and labor disability insurance through your employer, you must be insured. You just purchase the minimum necessary.

You must make sure that you have adequate compensation for uninsured and underdrive drivers. In most states it is relatively inexpensive (about $ 40 a year for compensation of $ 100,000) and you can cover costs that your health insurance can not cover if you collide with an insured driver. If you choose to transport BIL at $ 100,000 / $ 300,000, please do it yourself.

If you want to repair or replace your car after an accident the collision and extended coverage is worth. These insurance contracts have a deductible amount (the amount you must pay in cash before payment is paid) and pay based on the current car value rather than the amount paid.

Higher deductible amount greatly reduces your premium so choose the highest excess you can afford. You will ask you to cover the great damage to your car. Regardless of whether you need repair or not, you should spend an additional $ 500 on small repairs each time and then $ 50 a month. Please save crash insurance for when you have auto repair that costs thousands of thousands instead of hundreds. If you make a claim for every little thing, your premium will go up.

In a handful of circumstances, the owner of the car definitely needs to insure the policy, we are asked to restrict the possibility of making payments regardless of the cause of the accident and appealing other drivers.

Florida, Hawaii, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Utah and Puerto Rico require car owners to do this protection, but how this policy Rules on whether to function vary from state to state. Since this policy is often expensive, if you are in an error-free state, please make sure you are looking for the best deal.

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