Facebook Development Test

Facebook Development Test


The FQL syntax equivalent to the friends.get method is…

a. SELECT friends FROM user_friends WHERE userid1=loggedInUid
b. SELECT this FROM friends WHERE uid1=loggedInUid
c. SELECT uid2 FROM friend WHERE uid1=loggedInUid
d. SELECT user_friends FROM users WHERE (uid1=loggedInUid and friends=uid2)

Users can leave questions and reviews on your application page.

a. True
b. False

The url for the Facebook Developer Portal is…

a. http://facebook.com/developers
b. http://facebook.com/development
c. http://developer.facebook.com
d. http://www.developers.facebook.com

A developer has to be logged in to use the test console.

a. True
b. False

When using the Groups.get method, what is returned if both optional parameters are omitted?

a. Nothing is returned. There are no optional parameters.
b. All groups related to the session user are returned.
c. All groups joined in the last month are returned.
d. The last 10 groups associated to the user session are returned.

Which FQL statement example is most likely to return the user’s friends who are also subscribed to your application?

a. SELECT uid FROM user WHERE uid IN (SELECT uid2 FROM friend WHERE
uid1=$loggedInUid) AND is_app_user
b. SELECT app FROM apps WHERE uid IN (SELECT apps FROM friend WHERE
uid1=$loggedInUid) AND has_app
c. SELECT apps FROM user_apps WHERE uid IN (SELECT user FROM friend WHERE
uid1=$loggedInUid) AND has_app_added
d. UPDATE apps SET user_apps=$loggedInUid WHERE uid IN (SELECT user FROM
friend WHERE uid1=$loggedInUid) AND has_app_added

For a balanced and centered profile box your content must be about how many pixels wide?

a. 75px
b. 180px
c. 220px

Error code 103 indicates that….

a. The application has reached the maximum amount of requests allowed.
b. The service is not allowed at this time.
c. The submitted call_id has not incremented since the last call_id was passed.
d. An unknown error has occurred.

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