Engineering Aptitude Test

Engineering Aptitude Test


In how many ways the letters of the word ADVERTISEMENT can be arranged such that vowels always come together?

a. 361870
b. 7257600
c. 3628800
d. 952450

What can you infer from the following statements:

1. All pens are swords.
2. Some swords are made of wood.
3. Things made of wood are hard.

a. No pen is hard.
b. Some hard things are pens.
c. All the hard things are made of wood.
d. None of these.

Fill in the blanks.

Fearlessness is ____ essential virtue that comes naturally to ____ honest man.

a. an, an
b. the, a
c. a, the
d. the, an

If f(x) = 5 log((2x+3) (5x-7)) for x belongs to natural numbers, then which of the following is the minimum possible value of x?

a. 0
b. 1
c. 2
d. 3

What can you infer from the following statements:

x = 2y
(x + y)z = 5y + 3
x, y and z are integers such that y < 0.

a. x > 0
b. x < 0 and z < 0
c. x < 0 and z = 0
d. x < 0 and z > 0

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