Electronic Design Test

Electronic Design Test


The oscillator circuit that uses a tapped coil in a tuned circuit is _____.

a. multi-vibrator
b. Hartley
c. Armstrong
d. Colpitt’s

What would be the increase in the power delivered to the load if the total harmonic distortion is 10%?

a. 1%
b. 2%
c. 3%
d. 4%

A half wave rectifier supplies power to 1000Ω load from a 110V (r.m.s) source of supply. If the forward resistance of the diode is 20Ω. What would be the efficiency of the rectifier?

a. 50%
b. 25.73%
c. 39.73%
d. 30.11%

This question is based upon the figure shown below

D.C current of a half wave rectifier is _____.

Here, Im = peak value of the input current.

a. A
b. B
c. C
d. D

In a complementary – symmetry amplifier, both transistors are used in the ____ configuration/s

a. CC
b. CE
c. CB
d. All of the above

An Emitter follower is used for _____.

a. high current gain
b. high voltage gain
c. impedance matching
d. high power gain

The voltage gain of an amplifier without feedback is 60dB. It decreases to 40dB with feedback. What will be the feedback factor?

a. 8*10-3
b. 9*10-3
c. 10*10-3
d. 7*10-3

A voltage V=300cos100t is applied to a half wave rectifier with RL =5KΩ. The rectifier may be represented by an ideal diode in series with a resistance of 1KΩ. What would be the ripple factor in this case?

a. 0
b. 100%
c. 110.21%
d. 121.13%

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