Digital Imaging Test

Digital Imaging Test


Which of the following is a color coordinating system used for TV. Receivers?

a. N.T.S.C
b. PAL
d. All of the above

Which of the following is not a geometric feature of an image?

a. Perimeter
b. Area
c. Centre of mass
d. Corners

In the structural patterns of the surfaces of which object is texture observed?

a. Wood
b. Cloth
c. Grain
d. All of the above

Which type of vision is provided by the rods in the human eye?

a. Isotopic vision
b. Orthographic vision
c. Scotopic vision
d. Isotropic vision

Which of the following noises is produced when monochromatic radiation is scattered from a surface and when roughness is of the order of a wavelength?

a. Shot noise
b. Speckle noise
c. Thermal noise
d. Humm noise

Which of the following is a method to reduce speckle noise?

a. Homomorphic filtering
b. Entropy filtering
c. Update filtering
d. Steady-state filtering

To read the RMS value of which of the following waveforms are true RMS reading voltmeters used?

a. Only the sinusoidal waveform
b. Only the non-sinusoidal waveform
c. Both a and b
d. Only the square waveform

Which of the following is a type of digital voltmeters?

a. Ramp type
b. Dual slope integrating type
c. Integrating type
d. All of the above

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