Action Script 3.0 Test

Given that ClassB extends ClassA, which of the following (when written inside the constructor of ClassB) would invoke the constructor of ClassA?

a. super();
b. super().ClassA();
c. ClassA();
d. this.ClassA();

This question is based upon the figure shown below

Based on the above mentioned declaration of myXML, how can we access the id attribute of the ’employee’ tag?

a. myXML.managers.employee[1].@id
b. myXML.employeeList.managers.employee[1].@id
c. myXML.managers.employee[1].id
d. myXML.employeeList.managers.employee[1].id

What will be the output of the following code snippet?

try {
    try {
        trace(“<< try >>”);
        throw new ArgumentError (“throw this error”);
    } catch(error : ArgumentError) {
        trace(“<< catch >> ” + error);
        trace(“<< throw >>”);
        throw error;
    } catch(error:Error) {
        trace (“<< Error >> ” + error);
} catch (error:ArgumentError) {
    trace (“<< catch >> ” + error);

a. << try >> << catch >> ArgumentError: throw this error << throw >> << Error >> ArgumentError: throw this error << catch >> ArgumentError: throw this error
b. << try >> << catch >> ArgumentError: throw this error << throw >>
c. << try >> << catch >> ArgumentError: throw this error << throw >> << catch >> ArgumentError: throw this error
d. Compilation error: Nesting or try catch block not permitted

When in application, in what order do the following events take place (starting from the first)?

a. Creation complete, pre-Initialize, Initialize, Application complete
b. pre-Initialize, Creation complete, Initialize, Application complete
c. pre-Initialize, Initialize, Application complete, Creation complete
d. pre-Initialize, Initialize, Creation complete, Application complete

The default values of String and int type variables are:

a. null and 0 respectively.
b. “” and NaN respectively.
c. null and Nan respectively.
d. “” and 0 respectively.

Given the code snippet below, what will be the value of myFlag after the 2nd assignment:

var myFlag : Boolean=false;
myFlag=Boolean (new Date ( ) );

a. True
b. False
c. Run time error
d. Type Coercion error at compile time

Read the following statements and then choose the correct option.

i. A class can extend another class
ii. A class can Implement an Interface
iii. An interface can extend a class
iv. An interface can extend another interface

a. Only i and ii are true
b. Only i, ii and iii are true
c. Only i, ii and iv are true
d. All the four are true

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