Action Script 3.0 Test

Action Script 3.0 Test


If no Access modifier is specified for a property in a class, then by default, the property is:

a. Public
b. Private
c. Protected
d. Internal

E4X in Action script is used to:

a. manipulate complex numeric data.
b. manipulate String data.
c. manipulate string and numeric data.
d. manipulate XML data.

Suppose we have an arrayCollection whose cursor (myCursor) has been created using the arraycollection’s createCursor() method. At runtime, when myCursor.afterLast returns true, what is the value of myCursor.current?

a. Null
b. A reference to the last item in the array collection
c. A reference to the first item in the array collection
d. A reference to any random item in the array collection

When ActionScript can immediately judge an operation to be in violation of a security rule, the __________ exception is thrown, and if, after waiting for some asynchronous task to complete, ActionScript deems an operation in violation of a security rule, the __________ event is dispatched.

a. Security, SecurityErrorEvent.SECURITY_ERROR
b. SecurityError, SecurityErrorEvent.ERROR
c. SecurityError, SecurityErrorEvent.SECURITY_ERROR
d. Security, SecurityErrorEvent.ERROR

Which of the following types of variables can be accessed without creating an instance of a class?

a. Constant
b. Final
c. Static
d. Global

When a variable is of the type protected, it is accessible in:

a. all child classes irrespective of the package
b. only child classes in the same package
c. only child classes outside the current package
d. not accessible in any of the child classes.

What will be the output of the following code snippet?

    var myArray1 : Array = new Array (“One”, “Two”, “Three”);
    for(var i : int=0; i<3; i++)
        delete myArray1[i];

a. Undefined
b. 0
c. 3
d. Runtime error: Null pointer reference

Which of these is not a valid access modifier?

a. private
b. protected
c. internal
d. All of the above are valid

Given the following instantiation of a date type variable, choose the statement which is true.

var myDate : Date = new Date()

a. The value of myDate is the current time stamp.
b. The value of myDate is an instance of the date class with all values set to either 0 or blank.
c. The value of myDate is null.
d. None of the above

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